Power Generators, Consumers, Investors, Utilities, and Manufacturers Call on Texas Legislature to Reject ERCOT Ancillary Services Market Changes

In response to unprecedented attacks on renewable energy, a coalition of power consumers, project developers, utilities, investors, and manufacturers called on the Texas Legislature to reject changes to Texas energy markets that will unfairly harm renewable power generation in the state. Originally proposed by the Senate in Senate Bill 3 and Senate Bill 1278. The discriminatory changes would add costs for consumers without aiding reliability or increasing investment in Texas power generation. The changes are located in Section 13 of the bill.

The Texas House of Representatives Committee on State Affairs has amended the bill and has offered Committee Substitute to Senate Bill 3 (CSSB 3), which amends Section 13 and addresses the concerns raised by these groups. The House of Representatives will consider CSSB 3 in the coming days. These allied groups continue to work with lawmakers to address other concerns in the bill, but greatly appreciate the House Committee’s action thus far.