Renewable Energy Use Projected to Surpass Coal by 2021

USA Today | November 28, 2019 The United States will likely get more power in 2021 from renewable energy than from coal, the Institute for Energy Economic and Financial Analysis has projected, CNN reported Wednesday. “The next piece of the energy transition is very close at hand,” Greentech Capital Advisors partner PJ Deschenes said. “CoalContinue reading “Renewable Energy Use Projected to Surpass Coal by 2021”

Struggling Farmers See Bright Spot in Solar

Panels take land out of crop production but generate energy revenue. ‘Solar becomes a good way to diversify.’ Wall Street Journal, By Kirk Maltais Updated Sept. 23, 2019 10:52 pm ET U.S. farmers are embracing an alternative means of turning sunlight into revenue during a sharp downturn in crop prices: solar power. Solar panels areContinue reading “Struggling Farmers See Bright Spot in Solar”

Leading the Nation’s energy revolution

The Advanced Power Alliance is a member-led, non-profit trade association formed to encourage the development of the vast clean energy resources of the south central United States. Collective strength through a collective voice. That’s the role of The Advanced Power Alliance’s advocacy programs. These are designed to allow participants to leverage their own regulatory and governmentalContinue reading “Leading the Nation’s energy revolution”