Don’t Pull the Plug on Texas Ratepayers – Give Them the CREZ They’re Paying For

Urge your Lawmakers to Vote No on CREZ Killing Amendments

Download: What You Should Know About Texas CREZ

The CREZ transmission projects are already paying off for Texas by bringing cheaper electricity to consumers across the state. They are nearly complete. But, some groups are lobbying to end CREZ before its final projects are done. Completing the planned CREZ projects will deliver approximately 3,184 megawatts of additional transmission capacity in the Panhandle. For Texas ratepayers who are responsible for the costs, finishing these projects will maximize their benefits by increasing the low-cost energy available to them. CREZ is delivering for Texas!

  • CREZ Lower Electricity Costs for Consumers
    Thanks to CREZ transmission, wind energy now provides more than 10% of Texas electricity in ERCOT. This is saving ratepayers across the state more than $950 million every year.
  • CREZ Brings Economic Development Where It Is Desired and Needed
    CREZ facilitates investment in regions of our state where wind development is most desired, allowing those areas to participate in the energy economy. $28 billion has already been invested in 57 counties. Billions of dollars worth of additional investment will be in jeopardy if CREZ is stopped before it is complete. This is needed economic development in rural Texas.
  • CREZ Help Address Grid Congestion Challenges
    Congestion on our state’s electric grid impedes the successful function of Texas’ free market-based system of electric generation and delivery. By reducing congestion and opening markets, CREZ transmission brings power to consumers efficiently and encourages competition, lowering prices. Infrastructure is critical to markets and CREZ makes markets happen.
  • CREZ Reduces Price Volatility for Consumers by Hedging Costs
    CREZ helps deliver electricity with no long-term price volatility. Integrated with other generation types, this adds price stability for electricity consumers. Using CREZ to support an “all of the above” energy strategy, diversifies our generation mix and protects consumers.
  • CREZ Increases Use of Texas Energy, Keeping Energy Dollars in Texas
    CREZ brings Texas energy to market, reducing dependence on imported fuels and keeping energy dollars working in our communities. With the resources within its borders, Texas can power Texas. And, CREZ lines can be used to deliver electricity from all types of generation.
  • CREZ Adds Increased Stability to the ERCOT Grid
    CREZ has added increased stability and reliability to the overall ERCOT grid and a large portion of the CREZ improvements addressed stability concerns related to growth in Central Texas. CREZ helps cities across the state gain access to the energy they need to grow and prosper.
  • CREZ Brings Water Savings, Cleaner Air and Water for Texas Residents
    Texas’ growing population will need more electricity and more water. By delivering electricity that is generated using no water, CREZ is helping save water for other critical uses. CREZ allows Texans access to zero-emission, zero-water electricity meaning cleaner air and cleaner water for all to enjoy – and easier compliance with state and federal air and water regulations.
  • CREZ Authority is Discretionary, Imposes No Costs, Provides Flexibility
    The current authority under CREZ, vested at the Public Utility Commission, is discretionary. It does not require that they take any action but gives them flexible authority to respond to changing regulatory and market conditions in a manner that protects ratepayers.