TEXAS: Don’t Pull the Plug on Renewable Energy in Texas!

Senate Bill 931, which has passed the Senate and is now in the State Affairs Committee of the House, would eliminate Texas’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) and make the purchase of renewable energy credits (RECs) by utilities voluntary, pulling the financial rug out from under the entrepreneurs and investors who have made Texas #1 in the country for wind energy and #2 in renewable energy employment.  Senate Bill 931 is bad for Texas.

Call your State Representative and State Senator Today.

Urge them to Vote No on SB 931.

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Renewable energy pays off for Texas.
The state’s current wind energy fleet has lowered Texas electric bills by more than $950 million a year and saved 13 billion gallons of water annually. Renewable energy development has added to local tax rolls, given farmers and ranchers $40 million a year in income, and delivered more than $40 billion in investment to rural areas.

A step backward.
SB 931 marks a retreat for the State of Texas and its “all of the above” energy strategy. Because it focuses solely on killing support for wind and solar power, the bill sends a message that Texas stands by some of its energy industries – but not renewable energy.

Not just anti-renewable energy, but anti-business.
Repealing the RPS would break the state’s promise to investors who committed capital to our state, and impede further development of Texas’s rich wind and solar resources. Eliminating the RECs associated with the RPS will depress the value of all RECs, including voluntary ones, making project economics more difficult for developers looking to invest in Texas. SB 931 is not good for business.

Missed connection.
SB 931 would also impede development of wind and solar energy in the Panhandle by hog-tying the Texas Public Utility Commission on the Competitive Renewable Energy Zones (CREZ) program. Stopping 2,000 MW short of the transmission capacity envisioned when CREZ was created would leave generators without access to transmission and deny rural communities billions in investment and job creation.

A no good bill.
SB 931 does nothing to help Texas. There are no problems it solves. There are no issues it settles. There are no benefits it creates. Why fix what isn’t broke? Renewable energy development in Texas is a bipartisan success story. Don’t mess with it.

Call Your State Representative and State Senator  Today.  

Urge Them to Vote No on SB 931.

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