Wind Coalition Formally Responds to Texas Comptroller’s Biased Attack on Wind Energy

On Friday, The Wind Coalition formally responded to Texas Comptroller Susan Combs’ recently released report on wind energy in Texas. Rather than be considered a research piece, her report is better labeled an opinion on wind.  A long-time, outspoken opponent of wind energy development, Susan Combs is taking advantage of her final days in the Comptroller’s office using the power of that agency to push her anti-renewables agenda.  The report is error filled and deliberately distorts the facts to portray wind energy in a negative light.

Fortunately, the public and the press can see through the propaganda and the politicking. Combs’ report is a tired rehash of the arguments made by anti-wind groups and the dirty energy companies that she has so often promoted.

She’s wrong on technology, she’s wrong on subsidies, and she’s wrong on policy.

She’s also wrong on key economic issues affecting Texas, pushing ideas that would keep us hooked on imported coal instead of powering our states with the abundant resources with which we have been blessed.  Texas natural gas, Texas wind, and Texas solar can get the job done.  Texans Powering Texas.

Our response is lengthy but it says what needed to be said in response to her poorly researched, biased attack on a key Texas industry.  Please take time to read and share.

You can read The Wind Coalition’s formal response to the Comptroller here.

Wind Coalition Letter to Susan Combs – September 26, 2014