Federal Court Finds Colorado Renewable Energy Standard Constitutional

DENVER – In a major victory for renewable energy and for states’ power to expand clean energy development, the federal District Court for the District of Colorado today affirmed the Colorado Renewable Energy Standard (RES), rejecting attacks based on the federal dormant Commerce Clause. The Court dismissed a lawsuit brought in 2011 that challenged the […]

Texas Wind Energy Saves Enough Water for 138,000 Texans

With the driest November in more than 100 years now behind us, Texans are wondering when the rain will come again.  Clearly, drought is becoming the new normal, at least for the foreseeable future.  Fortunately, unlike other types of generation, Texas wind needs no water to generate electricity.  The water saved, as reported by Environment […]

Texas Wind Farms Deploy Radar So Birds, Not Feathers, Can Fly

From McClatchy Newspapers by Renee Schoof Wind on the Texas coast is tempting for energy companies. Unlike other parts of Texas – the nation’s No. 1 wind energy state – the coast has breezes that blow consistently on summer days, when energy demand peaks. But there’s risk, too. Millions of birds funnel through the Texas […]

The Republic: Brownback strikes deal with wind farm industry to expand Flint Hills protection area

Wichita, Kansas — More than twice as many acres of the nationally significant Flint Hills will be protected from wind farms under a deal Gov. Sam Brownback has reached with the state’s wind energy industry. The newly expanded protected area encompasses 10,895 square miles of tallgrass prairie, up from the previous 4,673 square miles, and […]

Why Texas Is Using More Coal, Wind and Less Gas

From The Texas Tribunes By Kate Galbraith When Texans turn on their lights, run their air conditioning or plug in their iPads, they are getting an increasing amount of power from the wind — and from coal plants. Figures released earlier this month show that last year, nearly 8 percent of the power on the […]

Wind Industry Fights to Defend Its Position as Clean Energy Alternative study

From The Daily Oklahoman by Christ Casteel Washington, DC – The Obama administration’s emphasis on clean energy and the fight in Congress over energy legislation is creating some tension among certain sectors, including the natural gas and wind power industries. Wind industry fights to defend its position as clean energy alternative The American Wind Energy Association […]

Corpus Power Plant Could Lead to Faster Taking of Colorado River Water

From The Austin American-Statesman By Asher Price The state environmental agency today could give the go-ahead for the construction of a large petroleum coke power plant in Corpus Christi, likely leading the city to accelerate a plan to take billions of gallons of faraway Colorado River water. Though the city is unlikely to use the […]

Colorado’s PUC Looks to Add Wind Projects to Meet Renewable Energy Requirements

From The Berthoud Recorder Colorado’s Public Utilities Commission will hold a hearing Thursday, July 16, on how much control it should exert over energy planning for the second-largest supplier of power in Colorado. Tri-State Generation and Transmission has operated primarily without PUC oversight, and Tri-State recently announced plans to pursue new wind and solar energy projects […]