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APA’s 2023 Oklahoma Clean Energy Day Hosted at Enel Green Power’s New Oklahoma City Office, Training Facility

Oklahoma Energy and Environment Secretary Ken McQueen addressed
attendees before their visits with lawmakers at the Oklahoma State Capitol

The Advanced Power Alliance (APA) 2023 Oklahoma Clean Energy Day was hosted this week at Enel Green Power’s newly opened OKC office and state-of-the-art wind technician training facilities.

Over 70 clean energy supporters, including industry workers, landowners, and wind technology students, gathered in Enel’s offices on Tuesday morning for an informative luncheon before heading to the Oklahoma State Capitol to engage with state legislators.

Oklahoma’s Secretary of Energy and Environment, Ken McQueen, spoke to supporters about the economic transformation and benefits that clean energy has brought to the state, and the vast potential for growth as hydrogen and energy storage advance. He envisioned a future where energy resources work in a complementary manner to deliver affordable low-emission power to industry and consumers.

“Clean energy attracts power intensive businesses to Oklahoma,” said McQueen, explaining how major corporations are increasingly interested in adding clean energy to their portfolios, both for the environmental benefits, and the long-term cost-savings.

“Oklahoma is continually ranked in the Top 3 states for lowest cost of electricity in the country,” said Mark Yates, Oklahoma Public Policy Director for the APA.

The economic benefits do not stop at corporate investment. Clean energy is among the top taxpayers in 83 school districts across Oklahoma. In 2022, clean energy producers paid $92,611,306 in ad valorem state taxes. In addition to tax payments, Okahoman landowners and farmers receive nearly $75 million a year in lease payments, revenue which helps farmers stay afloat amid tough economic conditions, explained Yates.

“Rural schools have been revitalized by clean energy,” said Yates, “With some districts constructing new buildings and facilities for the first time in 40 years.”

Enel Green Power’s new wind technician training facility is a testament to another benefit clean energy has brought to the state: career opportunities.