APA Honors Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt with “Energy Champion Award”

Today, during its quarterly board meeting held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the leadership of the Advanced Power Alliance presented Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt with its Energy Champion Award, specifically citing his support for all of the state’s diverse energy producers.

APA President Jeff Clark presents the “Energy Champion” award to Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt.

Stitt has been Governor during an unprecedented era of energy expansion, with Oklahoma now leading in oil, natural gas, renewable energy, and electric vehicle sectors. His administration has encouraged and embraced all sources of energy development, recognizing that an inclusive approach would provide the greatest economic benefit to the state in the years to come. The state is now poised to lead in Hydrogen, and is working with neighboring states, Louisiana and Arkansas, on the HALO Initiative to attact a hydrogen hub to the region.

APA, President, and CEO, Jeff Clark lauded Governor Stitt‘s tenure, saying, “Governor Stitt’s message is one we share, and one every state needs to hear. It’s not productive to pit energy resources against one another. We need more of every resource working together to deliver cleaner, cheaper, reliable energy. It’s refreshing to have a governor whose business background allows him to make decisions that will pay dividends and deliver prosperity for decades to come. The world needs energy, and Governor Stitt has positioned Oklahoma to deliver.”

The Advanced Power Alliance reserves, the Energy Champion Award for elected officials and industry leaders who demonstrate leadership in promoting and expanding the American energy economy.