Advanced Power Alliance Statement on Windpower Facility Decommissioning Substitute Language

Jeff Clark, President of the Advanced Power Alliance (APA), together with Texas State Representative Terry Canales today signed an agreement reflecting a mutual commitment to pass legislation establishing standards for decommissioning wind energy projects in Texas.  The legislation, a committee substitute for House Bill 2845 now pending before the Texas Legislature, is the culmination of Chairman Canales’ work to convene interested parties over the past two years.  The committee substitute reflects sound practices used in the wind energy industry while ensuring protection for landowners and communities participating in wind energy development.

On behalf of the Alliance, Clark said, “Wind energy investments have become the financial backbone of many rural communities and, in many counties, have become the largest local taxpayers almost immediately upon completion.  For the school districts and communities in which we invest, this investment has been transformational. We are proud to bring new revenue opportunities to farmers and ranchers, new funding for schools and local governments, and a cleaner cheaper energy source for all of Texas.

“We have joined together with Chairman Canales on this legislation because it will allow large capital investment to continue in Texas while giving landowners, communities, and governments further assurance that these projects will be properly decommissioned at the end of their useful lives. A great working relationship with our landowners and our communities is essential, so we’re pleased to support this carefully crafted bill that addresses concerns in a manner that is both friendly to landowners and business. We applaud Chairman Canales and his staff for their diligence in bringing divergent views together to craft a sound and thoughtful compromise.”