Statement by Wind Coalition on the Recent Texas Power Outages

The following statement was issued by Paul Sadler, executive director of The Wind Coalition, on the recent power outages:

“It has been reported that approximately 50 fossil fuel generating units tripped offline, reducing expected output of approximately 7,000 MW on the electric grid, triggering rolling blackouts. We know these companies and individuals are working tirelessly in very difficult weather conditions to restore power to Texans across the state.

“In Texas we have one principal grid that serves 85 percent of our state’s electricity customers, ERCOT, and a community of electricity generators consisting of both fossil fuels and renewable energy, most principally wind energy.  During the storm this week, wind energy was essentially able to meet its anticipated production of energy.

“As an industry, the wind energy community pledges to do everything within our power to meet our anticipated production and support our colleagues in the generation of electricity to Texas.”


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