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Texas leads the nation in wind and solar energy, ranking 1st for wind energy production and 4th for solar. Over 24% of the state’s electricity is produced using renewable energy! 

Through our advocacy programs, we work to expand transmission capacity, to increase the use of renewable generation and energy storage within the region, and to facilitate export of this cleaner, cheaper power to customers around the country. We are leading efforts to defend tax and siting policies that treat renewables development equitably, and we are standing in opposition to those anti-renewable energy forces working to impede the growth of clean power within the state.


Our region is rich in wind and solar energy, along with vast quantities of natural gas.  We have a recent and rich history of robust energy development and we are positioned well to lead in energy production long into the future.


As part of an “all of the above” solution, wind and solar power are securing our energy independence. The energy future is here now – and our potential is as limitless as the skies above. Texas has long been the country’s leader in renewable energy. With a growing population and power market, Texas has been able to keep power costs under control  by leveraging its energy assets: an infinite supply of renewable energy resources like wind and solar power, a nearly-infinite supply of cleaner burning natural gas, and a technology and energy workforce adept and utilizing these complementary resources to deliver power that is “Cleaner, Cheaper, and Made in Texas.”

Just in time for the Texas Legislative Session, here are the APA’s Texas Informational Resources:

  • – A Website Featuring an Interactive Map That Provides Tax and Landowner Payment Data by Legislative District. provide tax and landowner payment data by legislative district.