Free Markets and Infrastructure Give Texas a Cleaner Power Grid

Original Publication: For many years, policymakers in Washington have struggled to manufacture a workable policy that addresses the serious challenges we face from our changing climate without raising Americans’ energy bills. They could learn a few things from Texas. The Lone Star State has demonstrated how to increase production of affordable and reliable power by […]

Rain, Sleet, or Snow – Wind Works As Part of a Resilient Electric Grid

By Evan Vaughn, from AWEABlog Extreme weather like this week’s plunging temperatures is becoming easier for power grid operators to manage, thanks to an increasingly diverse electricity supply including more low-cost, reliable wind generation. The strength of the U.S. electricity system is on display this week even as “one of the strongest East Coast winter […]

Wind Coalition Comments at Dedication of Mesquite Creek Wind Farm

Prepared Comments by Jeffrey Clark, Executive Director The Wind Coalition Mars/Sumitomo/Duke Energy Mesquite Creek Wind Farm Dedication Lamesa, Texas – October 1, 2015 What a sweet day it is in Lamesa Texas! Today, we’re standing in the heart of Texas and standing in the midst of a technological revolution that is changing the world of […]

TEXAS: Wind Coalition Statement on Senate Passage of Texas Senate Bill 931

Earlier today, the Texas Senate passed Senate Bill 931 by Senator Troy Fraser.  The bill would end the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) and would end the Texas Public Utility Commission’s discretionary authority under the Competitive Renewable Energy Zones (CREZ) program.  A link to the bill is available here. Jeff Clark, Executive Director of The Wind […]

Sierra Club: ERCOT Finally Values Wind Peak Capacity Using Actual Data

By Cyrus Reed – The Sierra Club | Lone Star Chapter For the last five years, the Sierra Club has been in a healthy discussion at ERCOT (Electric Reliable Council of Texas) and the Public Utility Commission of Texas over how to calculate the value of wind energy during peak demand. Opponents of wind still […]

Column: Texas Clean Energy Hampered by Location

By Kate Galbraith / The New York Times Austin, Texas – As the United States contemplates a clean-energy future, leadership is coming from a surprising place—Texas. This state is well-known for producing oil and natural gas. But Texas also has erected far more turbines than any other state and now has nearly three times as much wind […]