Report: Over $15 Billion in Savings Possible on Texas Electric Bills by Growing Wind Energy

Texas homeowners and business owners can keep more money in their pockets, and rural Texas ranchers and family farmers can receive millions of dollars more a year in land lease payments, by building new wind farms tapping into more of the state’s low-cost wind energy resources.   That’s according to a new report, “A Wind Vision […]

Wind Energy in the Hot Seat on News 9 Oklahoma

Wind energy is booming in Oklahoma, now providing more than 17% of the state’s power and, according to the utilities buying it, reducing consumers’ electric bills by nearly $2 billion.  That’s not good enough for some who would like to repeal incentives for wind energy, while keeping incentives in place for those industries that compete […]

US Senator Chuck Grassley Cuts PTC Critics Down to Size

United States Senator Chuck Grassley is known for his straight-talk and for his pragmatic, problem-solving approach to public policy. Recently, he spoke out in support of the Production Tax Credit (PTC) for wind energy with some choice words for those who would repeal tax incentives for wind while keeping intact tax incentives for other sources of […]

Op-Ed: Too Clean to Fail

by Frank Matzner, Natural Resources Defense Council Originally published in The Hill: A battle is raging in Congress about the fate of the nation’s energy tax policies, and the first casualties were the suite of clean energy tax incentives for wind, solar and energy efficiency — along with the jobs, clean air and dollars […]

Keeping Things in Perspective: Government Support to Energy Industries

From AWEA Power of Wind: Senator Grassley (R-IA) put U.S. energy incentives in perspective at an April 3, 2014 Senate Finance Committee hearing. The following is a transcript of his remarks: “… Many of us have been clamoring for tax reform for years now. Just because we haven’t cleaned up the tax code in […]

Governor Sam Brownback: Wind Energy Offers Clean Path to Economic Growth

The moment is approaching when our nation must decide how it’s going to power the future. The importance of renewable energy to the nation becomes clear as Congress turns its attention to energy policy this fall, as we examine the importance of true energy independence and security more closely, and as we continue our work […]