New Poll Data Shows Kansans Support Renewable Energy Law

Today The Wind Coalition and the Climate and Energy Project released new poll data showing that Kansans overwhelmingly support the development of renewable energy resources in Kansas and the state’s 2009 renewable energy law.

The poll, conducted by North Star Opinion Research, shows that Kansans support increasing renewable energy development and that the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard enacted in 2009 enjoys near unanimous support statewide.

“Kansas has been a significant beneficiary of renewable energy investment with nearly $8 billion of dollars in new investment and more than 12,000 new jobs in a decade. This poll underscores the sentiment developers see in the field – Kansans want to develop renewable energy and more of it,” said Jeff Clark, Executive Director of The Wind Coalition.

The poll found that 91 percent of Kansas voters are strongly supportive of using renewable energy. The poll indicates that renewable energy is just as popular as it was in 2009 when Kansas first pursued renewable energy legislation. Last year, efforts to roll back the state’s renewable energy law failed in the legislature.

Kansas voters support the 2009 energy law across the political spectrum. The poll found the law has 73 percent among Republicans, 75 percent among Independents and 82 percent among Democrats. Two-thirds of voters would support increasing the state’s renewable energy law, even if it meant a $1-2 increase in their bill.

“State legislators should take note that Kansans support renewable energy and support the state’s clean energy law,” said Dorothy Barnett, Executive Director of the Climate and Energy Project. “Impressively, this support was equally high across partisan lines.

The poll found 9-in-10 respondents saying that using renewable energy is the right thing to do for the future of Kansas and the and country. Of those surveyed, 88 percent will lead to new investments in Kansas and help grow the state’s economy; 85 percent believe renewable energy will lead to the creation of new jobs in Kansas. Additionally, 89 percent believe that renewable energy helps protect to the land and environment.

“It is rare for anything to be popular across partisan lines,” said Dan Judy, Vice President, North Star Opinion Research. “Yet, our polling shows a consistent, high level of support for renewable energy among all Kansans.”

North Star Opinion Research conducted a telephone poll of 600 registered Kansas voters in early January.

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