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Renewable Energy Data Resources

The Advanced Power Alliance serves as a subject-matter expert representing our members and the renewable energy industry. The following is a library of data sources, reports and white-papers compiled by objective, external organizations studying the impact of the wind, solar and energy storage industry.

The impact on property values near wind or solar farms

An investment in a wind farm is an investment in the rural economy. In fact, with the millions of dollars invested in a wind or solar farm, rural counties benefit from a new, stable tax revenue source. This means communities can repair roads and bridges, expand emergency services and build new school facilities school districts — all without raising taxes on local citizens.

A renewable energy project transforms rural economies, which enhances the quality of life and overall value of a community. A wind or solar farm has no significant long-term impact to local property values.

29th Annual Outlook for Texas Land Markets — Presented April 2019

A 2019 study by the Texas A&M Real Estate Center found:

  • Academic literature has shown no statistical evidence of adverse property value effects due to views of, or proximity to, wind turbines.
  • Various statistical methodologies, datasets and regions have been considered.
  • “Neither the view of wind energy facilities nor the distance of the home to those facilities was found to have any consistent, measurable, and significant effect on the selling prices of nearby homes.”
  • Showed homes’ property values increased due to the facilities driving economic investment and tax revenue which benefited all surrounding property owners.

Wind turbines and property values study by Real Property Analytics

A November 2019 study by Jennifer Pitts, CRE, president of Real Property Analytics concluded “there is no evidence of negative effects to property values or communities due to the development or presence of wind turbines.”