They’re Right! We are the Windfall Coalition!

The Wind Coalition is proud to represent the coalition of diverse energy producers who are developing wind energy projects in the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) and Texas (ERCOT) market.  Our members represent the best of American energy producers.  We’re leaders in all types of power generation with members who build and operate gas power plants, nuclear plants, coal plants, biomass, solar facilities, wind farms, and more.

And, important to our region, we also represent some of America’s largest natural gas customers.  We see a cleaner, cheaper, power future using resources with which our region has been blessed:  wind, solar, and natural gas.  We’re great companies operating great facilities providing the energy that keeps the American economy moving forward.

We’re investors bringing wind projects to the communities in which we invest.  Bringing a wind farm to a community brings tremendous economic development.  Hundreds of millions of dollars are brought to every project, creating a reliable investment for the long term, not fading every time energy markets fluctuate.

And with every dollar invested, we’re bringing a windfall of tax revenue for schools, jobs for communities, and cheaper power for consumers of electricity.  Steady income and savings for farmers, ranchers, industry, consumers, schools, and governments.

859325_276045675860279_925685254_oWhen you’re doing something new and innovative and the folks who profit from the older, dirtier, more expensive power never stop attacking.  They hate the idea of innovation, because they can’t keep up.   To hold back progress, they lie about wind power, mislead the public about us, even make fun of our name.  One group of anti-wind activists went so far as to say we shouldn’t be The Wind Coalition, but instead call ourselves The Windfall Coalition.

Community Impacts Case Study – Comanche County, Texas

They are right and we couldn’t agree more!  It has a great ring to it and we are proud to bring a windfall to every community we touch.  The communities in which we build our projects reap a windfall of benefits!   Ask a school district that used to be underfunded what it’s like to be fully funded thanks to wind. They love a windfall! Ask a county tax assessor how nice it is when wind becomes the largest taxpayer in the county. They love a windfall too, and so do their taxpayers!

The windfall wind energy brings helps everyone in the state:

  • Cheaper electricity for consumers to enjoy.  Oklahoma consumers are slated to save more than $2B billion just on two contracts announced by utilities in the state, but the total savings are much bigger!  Texas consumers are saving more than $972 million every single year!  Incredible savings.
  • Energy independence for states in our region who can cut their dependence on imported coal and rely on their own, home-grown energy sources like wind energy and natural gas.  We grow our own!  Wind, solar, natural gas to keep the state’s we work in economically strong and diversified.
  • Lower cost, long term power contracts help keep utility bills low and that long term, affordable energy helps our region attract industries looking to grow. Companies like Dow, Mars, Procter & Gamble, DuPont, GM, Facebook, the US Army, and many more are using wind!  A windfall for them and a windfall for their customers and shareholders!
  • New tax revenue for governments and schools, taking the pressure off of other taxpayers who are struggling in economic downturn.  Did you know that just the 2014 fleet of wind energy projects in Oklahoma will pay more than $1 billion dollars (Yes, Rick, that’s 9 zeroes!) for education in the state?  That’s just on property tax, not counting millions more paid in corporate income taxes!
  • Economic opportunities for the farmers and ranchers who host our projects. (Everyone loves to get a second harvest from the wind!)  Nearly $200 million every year is paid in our region to farmers and ranchers who host wind projects — that’s money into rural communities.  A BIG WINDFALL helping save the farm and ranch. Read what National Farm Radio had to say about the many ways that wind is paying off for farmers and ranchers.
  • Cleaner air and a healthy environment that we all enjoy.  Who doesn’t like that?


With their iconic silhouette, most Americans find wind turbines to be beautiful. These amazing power producers become even more gorgeous when you know how they cut our electric bills, fund our school and governments,  help our communities, and clean our air.

We are the windfall coalition because wind really does provide a windfall: for electricity consumers, for schools, for tax payers, for everyone involved!

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