Texas Bill Tracking List:


Ancillary Services Markets – OPPOSE SB 1278 / HB 4466 / SB 3 (Section 13)


Transmission – SUPPORT HB 1607 (Darby)


Why is wind power important for Texas?


Have you been told that wind power gets a “free ride” in ERCOT? This is the justification for market changes that are designed to place renewables at a disadvantage. 


Did you hear that “negative pricing” by wind generators is causing problems in the ERCOT market? Here’s the real story.


Perhaps you heard about the low performance of wind and solar based on their “nameplate capacity”? Don’t be misled by the names. Capacity, Capacity Factor, and Forecasted Capacity are three very different things.


Competitors of wind and solar power want to change the market by assigning “ancillary services costs” to renewable power generators. There’s no justification for this action, and it would place renewable generators at a market disadvantage.


Texas Chapter 312 and Chapter 313 programs make the state competitive for investment by capital intensive industries. Including renewable energy projects in the programs is one of the most valuable rural economic development programs ever created. The programs are “local option” but they have been used by communities across Texas to bring investment, jobs, economic diversification, and new tax revenue for local governments and schools. 


How did Texas wind power handle the winter storm event? Remember that the SARA predicted very low wind during the time period.


Water Savings. In rapidly-growing, drought-prone Texas, saving water by using renewable energy makes good business sense.