People Talking About Advanced Power

“Working together last year, we created a stable regulatory environment that will see nine new wind farms come on line this year, at an investment of nearly $3 billion.  Kansas is once again a national leader in wind energy development. “

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback
State of the State Address – 2016

“Our region is blessed with some of the most valuable renewable energy resources in the world. Harvesting these will grow our states’ economies while benefiting landowners, taxpayers, and electricity consumers. We are blessed and we have the power to power ourselves, and I’d sure as hell rather do that than go to Wyoming, hat in hand, asking if we can buy some of their fuel.  The only thing impeding our energy independence is our own lack of vision, regulatory inertia, and the political forces unleashed by dark money groups who want to keep our states addicted to their dirty fuels.”

Jeff Clark, President
Advanced Power Alliance – 2018

“I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.”

Thomas Edison – 1931

“Using renewable energy sources at our facilities reduces the consumption of natural resources, while providing a hedge against rising fossil fuel prices. New sources also make more renewable energy in the grid available to others, including our customers and partners. In 2013, our installed capacity for on‐site renewable energy went up 17.7 percent from 2012, and we expect our installed capacity to more than double in 2014. However, greater access to large quantities of renewable power at economical prices is essential.”

HP (Hewlett-Packard)

“The Kay Wind project will create a new and stable source of income for my family for many years to come. I will still farm the land around the wind turbines without greatly impacting crop yields, and the turbine payments will provide welcome security for my family when farming conditions are less favorable. This project will provide drought-proof income that will benefit the entire community and help keep the farming tradition alive in Kay County.”

Bob Scott
Landowner – Kay County, Oklahoma

“The state’s renewable energy policy has helped foster new business and jobs in Kansas. The Heartland has benefited from these smart investments.”

Jim Heeter, President and Chief Executive Officer
Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce

“Texas has the potential to be a MASSIVE solar market. To put it into perspective, the sunshine that falls on Texas each month has more energy than all of the oil that has ever been pumped out of this state.  If you think oil made Texas great, just wait till you see what they do with solar.”

Rhone Resch

“It is encouraging to see Kansans embrace the production of renewable energy sources. Wind energy is one more product that we can create in Kansas and export to other areas. In the ever-changing and expanding global energy marketplace, Kansas is benefitting by having found its niche in the production of wind energy.”

Lona DuVall President
Finney County Economic Development Corporation

“These results suggest to me that Kansas residents recognize the important economic impact that the wind industry brings to the region. In Hutchinson we are extremely fortunate to be the home of one of the state’s most important wind energy manufacturers. Policies such as the Renewable Portfolio Standard support companies that currently provide jobs in Kanas, and it keeps Kansas competitive when recruiting new employers and investment to the region.”

Jason Ball, President/CEO
Hutchinson/Reno County Chamber of Commerce (Kansas)

“In addition to wheat and cattle, I want Kansas to become known as the Renewable State.”

“Kansans have a proud history of meeting the needs of the world. We export wheat to feed the hungry and machines that can fly to make the world a smaller place. The time has come for us to export clean, reliable and affordable wind energy to the nation.”

Governor Sam Brownback

“Wind energy is an important ingredient in the economic development of rural counties. Kingman County has directly benefitted from the jobs and investment resulting from homegrown energy development. Our Kansas legislators need to keep the current smart energy policies in place so this homegrown development can continue to benefit rural Kansas.”

Carol Voran
Commission Chair – Kingman County, Kansas

“Ford County has benefitted tremendously from our smart energy policy including the addition of four wind farms and new transmission line projects. I strongly encourage our legislators to continue supporting the positive legislation that brings wind energy developments to our state.”

Joann Knight, Executive Director
Dodge City/Ford County Development Corporation

“Wind generated electricity is providing Kansans with long term rate stability and conserving fossil fuels for future generations. Now, with advancing technology driving costs ever lower, it’s a clear-cut bargain for today’s consumers. We should not only keep the Renewable Energy Policy, we should consider expanding it. The opponents are not using defensible numbers.”

Dave Kerr
Former Kansas Senate President

“Renewable energy represents a common-sense approach to our future energy needs. Wind and solar power resources derive their energy from fuel that is delivered on-site, every day at no cost to anyone. There is no other resource that can claim the economic and environmental benefits of renewable energy.”

Pete Ferrell
Kansas Rancher

“More than two-thirds of Kansans support Governor Brownback’s renewable energy policy. Even more, 76% want more of their electricity to be generated by wind. Such strong support should encourage the Kansas Legislature to maintain the current policy on renewable energy. After the creation of 12,000 jobs in this industry, this is no time to turn back to old, outdated policy.”

Karin Brownlee
Kansans for Wind Energy

“Historically Kansas has displayed stout support for renewable energy projects and investment, enacting such strong initiatives as the Renewable Portfolio Standard and various other statewide policies. Infinity has invested heavily in the Kansas because of its leadership. It is reassuring to see Kansans’ support has not wavered. Since these signals are so important when making future investment decisions, we expect to continue that investment in the Kansas economy in the years to come.”

Matt Riley, Chief Executive Officer
Infinity Wind

“TradeWind Energy based its business in Kansas 10-years ago primarily for the simple fact that Kansas is one of the windiest places in the U.S. which translates in to very cheap, inexhaustible electricity for consumers. Since starting the company we have invested over $1 billion in Kansas wind projects. The results of this poll underscore what we have found in Kansas for a decade – the people want renewable energy development in this state.”

Rob Freeman, Chief Executive Officer
TradeWind Energy

“Local chambers of commerce across the country are recognizing the economic development opportunities presented by renewable energy and energy efficiency. We’re delighted to support our local chamber colleagues working to seize the opportunity to build stronger businesses and communities through innovative energy initiatives.”

Diane Doucette, Executive Director
Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy

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