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Our Members

Members of the Advanced Power Alliance represent a diverse cross-section of the world’s leading energy companies, energy investors, energy consumers, and energy advocates in the wind, solar and battery storage industries.

Please visit our members’ websites for more information about their companies and their work:

8 Minute AWEADuke EnergyEPE – Electric Power EngineersMAPScout Clean Energy
Able Grid BlackRockEDF EnergyExelonNextEra EnergySempra Energy
AESBlattner EnergyEDP RenewablesGE RenewablesNovatus EnergySiemens
AlleteBP Wind Energy EnelGoogleOrsted EnergySouthern Company
Apex Clean EnergyCapital PowerEngieLincoln Clean EnergyPattern EnergyTerraform Power
Avangrid RenewablesClearway EnergyE.OnMacquarie CapitalSavionVestas

Learn more about membership in the Advanced Power Alliance.