Solar Power 
The Best Neighbor Ever. 

Johnson County is the fastest growing county in Kansas and citizens are vocal about development in the region. County leaders are commended for their commitment to “smart growth” community planning in order to maintain the vitality and distinctiveness of the JOCO region. 


With more economic growth in JOCO, leaders are challenged by melding new opportunity and the potential for rapid increases in population, new service needs and traffic congestion. 

A quiet, not-visible solar farm is the best neighbor. 

A solar energy development provides HIGH VALUE to the community, but has very LOW IMPACT on its neighbors. Solar is predictable and stable offering: 

  • No new traffic to clog already busy streets 
  • No noise to keep you awake or disturb your family 
  • No trash or emissions blowing into your backyard 
  • No crush of new students overwhelming local schools 
  • No strangers living behind you, watching you from across the fence 
  • No strange smells, loud noise, or raucous behavior to disturb your neighborhood 
  • No surprise strip malls or other disruptive development right beside you 
  • No unexpected, new, or expanding freeways to handle rush hour traffic 

Just clean, cheap, JOCO-made energy for you and your neighbors. 

A field of solar power preserves the land for decades making sure your investment in your home retains its value with no surprises. 

Want solar power as your neighbor? 

The Johnson County Planning Commission suggested regulations to discourage solar power investment in JOCO. The Board of Commissioners will consider these anti-development rules at a public hearing on Monday,  April 4 at 2 pm at the Olathe Embassy Suites by Hilton, Olathe Conference Center, 10401 S. Ridgeview Rd., Olathe, KS.

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