Community Case Study – Comanche County, Texas

Logan’s Gap Wind Farm was built by Pattern Energy, an investment in the region that is creating many economic benefits, including jobs and substantial growth in the tax base.  The wind facility commenced commercial operations in September 2015 and uses 87 American-made Siemens turbines to generate clean, renewable energy for Texas.

American-Made Wind Turbines.

The nacelles and hubs were manufactured in Kansas, the blades were made in Iowa, and a majority of the towers were built at Broadwind Energy in Abilene, Texas. The innovative design of the Siemens SWT-2.3-108 model wind turbine utilized at Logan’s Gap includes a rugged structural design, automatic lubrication system, internal climate control, and an enhanced proprietary generation system to achieve high reliability.

Jobs in Texas.

Blattner Energy managed project construction, which was completed in September of 2015. Approximately 550 workers were on-site during peak activity, with an average of 250 throughout construction. Local workers and subcontractors were involved to the greatest extent possible in all aspects of construction – from building access roads and turbine foundations to assembling and installing turbine components. A talented team of 11 full-time employees operate and maintain the facility, along with seasonal positions and the use of local contractors.

Logan’s Gap Wind is managed by an on-site facility manager and an assistant facility manager, with a team of trained turbine technicians to perform maintenance activities. The Assistant Facility Manager, Site Logistics Coordinator, and all nine turbine technicians are from the local region.The facility is remotely controlled around the clock from Pattern’s Operations Control Center in Houston. The Operations Control Center employs a team of highly-skilled wind operators that constantly monitor and control all aspects of the turbines, from wind speed and energy output to oil levels. The Houston team closely coordinates with the on-site team.

Revenue for Communities and Schools.

The facility is expected to contribute an estimated $80 million dollars in payments over 25 years, benefiting Comanche County and the Blanket, Comanche, and Mullin Independent School Districts.  In the past two years (2016, 2017), the facility has contributed more than $5 million to the three local school districts (Comanche, Blanket and Mullen ISD) and $1.8 million to Comanche County for the general fund, roads, and Middle Trinity Groundwater Conservation District. The project also support the community with sponsorships of local causes and through the Community Benefits Program that is contributing $100,000 to four local groups over the first five years of facility operations.

Environmental Benefits. 

Environmental Benefits Compared to Coal-Fired Generation:

  • Carbon Dioxide Emissions Avoided:  780,000 tonnes/year, 153,000 car equivalent
  • Sulfur Dioxide Emissions Avoided:  2,100 metric tons/year
  • Nitrogen Dioxide Emissions Avoided:  525 metric tons/year
  • Water Conserved:  460,000,000 gallons/year, 9,000 people supplied

Sources: Emissions offsets based on estimated annual electricity production for the Logan’s Gap Wind facility compared to average emission rates for coal-fired electricity generation in Texas. Emissions rates source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, State Annual Emissions Data by Producer and Energy Source, Texas 2010 figures, released February 2013. Vehicle CO2 source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Transportation and Air Quality, “Greenhouse Gas Emissions from a Typical Passenger Vehicle,” December 2011. Average water use for Texas pulverized coal-fired power fleet source: Grubert, Beach and Webber, The University of Texas at Austin, Texas Coal Balance 20120825, 2012. People supplied figure based on Texas per capita water consumption of 140 gallons/day.

In the Community.

Pattern Energy is committed to finding ways to expand benefits for the communities where they operate. Acting on this commitment, the Logan’s Gap Wind Community Benefits Program was established to support local causes. Over the first 5 years of operations, Logan’s Gap Wind is contributing $100,000 to support the following local organizations:

  • The Comanche County Agency on Aging
  • The Salvation Army Food Assistance Program
  • The Park Enhancement Group of Comanche
  • The Comanche Youth Council

Each of these organizations provides a unique and critical service to the community of Comanche County. Pattern Energy is proud to partner with each beneficiary of the Logan’s Gap Wind Community Benefit Program and assist them in their missions to improve the lives of all Comanche residents.

Logan’s Gap Wind – Facility Brochure

For more information about Logan’s Gap Wind, contact:

 2011 CR 207
Blanket, Texas 76432


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