Rain, Sleet, or Snow – Wind Works As Part of a Resilient Electric Grid

By Evan Vaughn, from AWEABlog Extreme weather like this week’s plunging temperatures is becoming easier for power grid operators to manage, thanks to an increasingly diverse electricity supply including more low-cost, reliable wind generation. The strength of the U.S. electricity system is on display this week even as “one of the strongest East Coast winter […]

Vying for the Title: States Across the U.S. Set Wind Output Records

October was a record breaking month for wind energy output. by Michael Goggin.  Originally published at AweaBlog.org Grid operators in Texas (ERCOT) and the Midwest (MISO) spent the past week neck and neck in a race for record wind output, leading to a near photo finish. Texas jumped into first place on October 22, eclipsing […]

Sierra Club: ERCOT Finally Values Wind Peak Capacity Using Actual Data

By Cyrus Reed – The Sierra Club | Lone Star Chapter For the last five years, the Sierra Club has been in a healthy discussion at ERCOT (Electric Reliable Council of Texas) and the Public Utility Commission of Texas over how to calculate the value of wind energy during peak demand. Opponents of wind still […]

Wind Energy Helps Ward Off Power Outages

by Michael Goggin, AWEA https://www.aweablog.org/blog/post/wind-energy-helps-ward-off-power-outages Over the last 48 hours, wind energy played a critical role in keeping homeowners warm as grid operators across the Eastern and Central U.S. worked overtime to keep up with record-breaking winter demand. Most importantly, wind energy provided massive quantities of extremely valuable electricity when grid operators needed it most […]

Holiday Cold Front Brings New Wind Power Record to ERCOT

Announced by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas on January 2, 2013: The high winds that sent a chill through Texas last week also contributed to a new wind power record, with wind generation providing 8,638 MW of power at 3:11 p.m. on Dec. 25. This output represented nearly 26 percent of system load in […]

Statement by Wind Coalition on the Recent Texas Power Outages

The following statement was issued by Paul Sadler, executive director of The Wind Coalition, on the recent power outages: “It has been reported that approximately 50 fossil fuel generating units tripped offline, reducing expected output of approximately 7,000 MW on the electric grid, triggering rolling blackouts. We know these companies and individuals are working tirelessly […]

KCC Approves New Transmission Line

ITC Great Plains to build new line between Spearville and Hays Topeka, Kansas – The Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) today approved ITC Great Plains’ (ITC) application for a permit to construct a 345 kV transmission line extending 89 miles between Spearville and Hays (order attached). “After careful review and consideration of the evidentiary record, public comments, […]