National Farmers Union: Windmills Have Direct Benefits for Farmers

In response to misleading anti-transmission editorial, Roger Johnson, President of the National Farmers Union to the pages of the Wall Street Journal to voice his support for wind energy development, and the great benefits it brings to American farmers and ranchers: With 98%-99% of wind-farm land free for other uses, wind has little impact on […]

In the News: Rural Nebraska Lawmaker Sees Wind Energy as an Urgent Lifeline

By Karen Uhlenhuth; From Nebraska Energy News Read the story online at:  Nebraska state Sen. Al Davis is a rancher, a longtime resident of rural Nebraska, a proponent of renewable energy, and a Republican. Now going into his fourth year as a state legislator, Davis views this as a propitious moment for his home […]

Oklahoma’s Wind Industry Will Have Billion Dollar Positive Impact on Counties & Schools

New study shows benefits of investment in wind include additional $2-billion in fuel cost savings to ratepayers. Click here to download the study. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – A new study commissioned by the State Chamber Research Foundation finds that the wind farms currently built or under contract in Oklahoma will provide a billion dollars in […]

Wind Coalition Comments at Dedication of Mesquite Creek Wind Farm

Prepared Comments by Jeffrey Clark, Executive Director The Wind Coalition Mars/Sumitomo/Duke Energy Mesquite Creek Wind Farm Dedication Lamesa, Texas – October 1, 2015 What a sweet day it is in Lamesa Texas! Today, we’re standing in the heart of Texas and standing in the midst of a technological revolution that is changing the world of […]

OKLAHOMA: Despite Deceptive Attacks by Anti-Wind Activists, Wind Energy Community Stands by SB 498

OKLAHOMA CITY – Despite a negative and deceptive campaign launched by anti-economic development and anti-property rights activists, a measure awaiting final approval in the Oklahoma Senate represents a solid compromise between the legislature and the wind energy community. SB 498 helps to address a portion of the state budget deficit while allowing Oklahoma to compete […]

TEXAS: Wind Coalition Statement on Senate Passage of Texas Senate Bill 931

Earlier today, the Texas Senate passed Senate Bill 931 by Senator Troy Fraser.  The bill would end the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) and would end the Texas Public Utility Commission’s discretionary authority under the Competitive Renewable Energy Zones (CREZ) program.  A link to the bill is available here. Jeff Clark, Executive Director of The Wind […]

Local View: Wind Energy for Property Tax Relief

This piece originally appeared in the Lincoln Journal Star: By Michael Zakrzewski An Open Letter to Governor Ricketts: Dear Governor, Congratulations as you begin your new journey! As a third generation farmer/rancher in Holt County I was very happy to hear that your top priority will be property tax relief. The bad news is […]

NRDC: Wind Energy a Lifeline for Drought-Stricken Farms

From NRDC Blog: The killing of Billy the Kid was still within living memory for some on the stark, wind-swept prairie outside Ft. Sumner, N.M., when Powhatan Carter’s grandfather settled there to raise cattle in 1937. Twelve years later, Pow was born there, where he runs the family cattle business his grandfather began. After two […]

Alternative Energy Institute to Host Windy Land Owners Seminar

Windy Land Owners Seminar CONTACT: Kenneth Starcher, 806-651-2296, Canyon, Texas – Wind energy and its many possibilities will be the topic of a Windy Land Owners Seminar Saturday, Oct. 17 at West Texas A&M University. The Alternative Energy Institute (AEI) at WTAMU will host the half-day seminar in Room 101 of the Agriculture and Natural […]