Wind Power Creates 30,000 Texas Jobs, Generates $85 million in Taxes, Public Citizen Data Shows

Renewable Energy Boom Under Siege by State Legislators Austin, Texas – The boom in West Texas wind-powered electricity generation has delivered a major economic boost to the region, including creation of over 40 new businesses and 30,000 construction jobs in 57 West Texas counties since 2001, according to data collected by Public Citizen’s Texas office. […]

LTE: Wind Incentives Work in Oklahoma

This Letter to the Editor was published in The Oklahoman on February 22, 2015. Frank Robson (Point of View, February 13) missed the mark regarding the economic value of wind energy to Oklahoma. State tax incentives have indeed allowed wind development to grow over the past several years. They have made Oklahoma competitive for investment, […]

Wind in the News: Nebraska should ‘get on board’ with wind power, lawmakers say

From the Lincoln Journal-Star, January 16, 2015 By Zach Pluhacek Surrounding states continue to outpace Nebraska in their production and promotion of wind power and other renewable energy sources, a group of state lawmakers said Friday. Five senators plan to introduce bills providing tax incentives and encouraging the state to better market its wind resources. […]

Local View: Wind Energy for Property Tax Relief

This piece originally appeared in the Lincoln Journal Star: By Michael Zakrzewski An Open Letter to Governor Ricketts: Dear Governor, Congratulations as you begin your new journey! As a third generation farmer/rancher in Holt County I was very happy to hear that your top priority will be property tax relief. The bad news is […]

Wind Coalition Presents Testimony to Oklahoma Senate, Calls for Collaboration on Incentives Restructuring

Today, Jeff Clark, Executive Director of The Wind Coalition presented testimony to the Oklahoma Senate in response to an interim study initiated by that body.  The study is designed to review tax incentives currently made available to promote wind energy development in Oklahoma.  A copy of the remarks as prepared is available here:  2014_10_20 – Wind Coalition […]

Wind Coalition Testifies on Incentives in Oklahoma

Jeffrey Clark, Executive Director of The Wind Coalition, presented testimony to the Oklahoma House of Representatives today addressing concerns on tax incentives currently offered in Oklahoma.  The wind energy industry, among others, uses these incentives and they are critical to keeping Oklahoma competitive as a location for capital investment. PDF:  2014_10_01 – Wind Coalition Testimony in […]

US Senator Chuck Grassley Cuts PTC Critics Down to Size

United States Senator Chuck Grassley is known for his straight-talk and for his pragmatic, problem-solving approach to public policy. Recently, he spoke out in support of the Production Tax Credit (PTC) for wind energy with some choice words for those who would repeal tax incentives for wind while keeping intact tax incentives for other sources of […]

NRDC Studies American Wind Farm Job Creation

Read a Copy of the Report Here: NRDC: American Wind Farms: Breaking Down the Benefits from Planning to Production From the Report’s Introduction: Stand underneath a wind turbine and it’s easy to be awestruck. Above you is a structure as tall as a 30-story building, with turbines as large as a football field and blades rotating at […]