USFWS Eagle Rule is Sound. Misleading Anti-Wind Detractors? Not So Much.

In public venues, in news media, and in social media, anti-wind zealots continue to deliberately spread misinformation about the United States Fish and Wildlife Service’s (USFWS) recent rules on eagles and the Eagle Conservation and Management Program. Anti-wind alarmists claim that wind power companies have been given a “free pass” to harm bald eagle populations, up to 4,200 […]

Texas Wind Farms Deploy Radar So Birds, Not Feathers, Can Fly

From McClatchy Newspapers by Renee Schoof Wind on the Texas coast is tempting for energy companies. Unlike other parts of Texas – the nation’s No. 1 wind energy state – the coast has breezes that blow consistently on summer days, when energy demand peaks. But there’s risk, too. Millions of birds funnel through the Texas […]

Column: Texas Clean Energy Hampered by Location

By Kate Galbraith / The New York Times Austin, Texas – As the United States contemplates a clean-energy future, leadership is coming from a surprising place—Texas. This state is well-known for producing oil and natural gas. But Texas also has erected far more turbines than any other state and now has nearly three times as much wind […]