How the FORTUNE 500 Are Driving New Markets for Clean Energy

More Companies are Choosing to Power Their Operations with Renewable Energy From AWEABlog, by Evan Vaughn What brings diverse companies like Amazon, Disney, General Motors, Microsoft, Nike, Starbucks and Walmart together? They’re all buying renewable energy or want to get in the market for it. From tech giants to household names, corporate America is shopping for […]

AWEA and SEIA Publish a Handbook for the States: Incorporating Renewable Energy Into State Power Plans

AWEA and SEIA recently released a Handbook intended as a guide for states that are considering including renewable energy as a compliance tool to meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed regulation of carbon emissions from existing power plants (Clean Power Plan) under section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act. In light of the fact […]

Texas Tribune: On Environment Issues, Bush Takes More Moderate Tone

From the Texas Tribune: by Neena Satilja On the campaign trail in Texas for a little-known statewide office, George P. Bush is generally toeing the Republican Party line: He is attacking federal health care reform, decrying abortion and championing gun rights. But it is environmental policy that will be under his purview in November […]

Why Texas Is Using More Coal, Wind and Less Gas

From The Texas Tribunes By Kate Galbraith When Texans turn on their lights, run their air conditioning or plug in their iPads, they are getting an increasing amount of power from the wind — and from coal plants. Figures released earlier this month show that last year, nearly 8 percent of the power on the […]

Wind Industry Fights to Defend Its Position as Clean Energy Alternative study

From The Daily Oklahoman by Christ Casteel Washington, DC – The Obama administration’s emphasis on clean energy and the fight in Congress over energy legislation is creating some tension among certain sectors, including the natural gas and wind power industries. Wind industry fights to defend its position as clean energy alternative The American Wind Energy Association […]

Colorado’s PUC Looks to Add Wind Projects to Meet Renewable Energy Requirements

From The Berthoud Recorder Colorado’s Public Utilities Commission will hold a hearing Thursday, July 16, on how much control it should exert over energy planning for the second-largest supplier of power in Colorado. Tri-State Generation and Transmission has operated primarily without PUC oversight, and Tri-State recently announced plans to pursue new wind and solar energy projects […]