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Farm America. Power America.

Together, we are returning economic independence to the Heartland.

In our rural communities, being dependent on a future, steady income from farming and ranching would also lead to “betting the farm” in the volatile market of commodities.

The rural areas of the Midwest do not always benefit from economic diversification like its metro counterparts.

All too often, a rural economy is subject to severe loss. From tornadoes and droughts to the high price of hay to the low price of beef. Manufacturers shut down and jobs disappear.

Investments from the wind and solar energy industry are a boon to a stagnate, rural economy.

Farming communities are now home to multiple district operating offices employing technicians, construction workers, and district managers. Employees are living in these communities, buying homes, raising families and paying taxes.

Additionally, landowners are now the recipients of millions of dollars in land lease payments every year and growing. In turn, farmers have expanded operations, acquired more land, bought more equipment, raised more cattle, planted more seed, hired more hands and exported more commodities on behalf of the Midwest.

Thanks to the wind and solar industry, farmers and ranchers are able to save their legacy of land for their children and grandchildren.

Let us know you want to be a part of America’s energy transformation!

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